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The Complexity of Latinx NOLA

Years ago, working for both my own video production company and a local non-profit, I lead a market research endeavor to learn more about the different outlets the Latinx community in the New Orleans Metro Area prefer to use on a daily basis.

We had a focus group led by the local Telemundo station anchor, Valeria Kawas, and we had a survey online. It was also a small sample.

This study opened the door to participate in Advention19, an Advertising and Marketing Convention held in Shreveport with speakers from 4 states. I had my own panel and shared the findings of the research with other convention goers.

I am very grateful to Diana Nelson, professional

and a Queen in the Marketing world, who held my hand and helped me understand the process.

More thanks to Omar Saavedra for allowing me to use Add You Visual as a platform to go to the convention.

Read the report and let me know what you think.

Complexity of Latinx NOLA
Download PDF • 321KB

Laura Venegas.

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